Welcome to FlickSphere™, the innovative new media filmmaking format that introduces flexible access for exploring video content and dynamic, viewer-controlled programming.  FlickSphere stories are presented in 5 to 10 minutes segments for convenience of viewing on PCs and laptops.  At the end of each segment, the FlickSphere Navigator presents options to continue following the main story, choose alternate scenarios to the unfolding plot, or follow the actors into interesting side episodes.  As you move through the stories you'll discover hidden content that further enhances the entertainment experience.

FlickSphere is a pay-per-view distribution system that features the work of small, independent producers.  We keep the prices low and appreciate you support as it will enable our producers to develop additional creative content for your enjoyment.  To access FlickSphere content, go to the FlickSphere Store, choose your story and enjoy!

We welcome your comments.  You can provide feedback to the producers by clicking on the "Review" button on the video segments.  For more general comments, please send us an email at info@flicksphere.com.

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